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 The Rules ;)

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PostSubject: The Rules ;)   The Rules ;) Icon_minitimeThu Aug 12, 2010 9:59 pm

I know reading the rules is usually boring, but I'll keep this short and simple Very Happy

Like a Star @ heaven Swearing must be in Dwarvish or Elvish. (Because it amuses me (:< )

Like a Star @ heaven Try to keep RP posts semi-lit. PLEASE. Embarassed

Like a Star @ heaven No god-modding Exclamation

Like a Star @ heaven If you decide to be a class clown, I cannot guarantee that the teachers will tolerate it Razz

Like a Star @ heaven If there's something you want changed, too bad tell me~

Idea If you have something against quotations! Here are some handy dandy colours! I can't remember them, and I bet you won't either! What a Face

Arrow Narrating Colours: Black, Dark Blue, Indigo, Blue

Arrow Speaking Colours: Red, Dark Red, Brown

Arrow Thinking Colours: Green, Olive, White

Arrow OoC Colour: Yellow
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The Rules ;)
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